Porter Service

A Porter May Be Just What Your Company Needs.

Nightly cleaning is not enough for some high-traffic businesses. Some businesses need cleaning throughout the day. A day porter service is one solution because it allows trash and debris to be removed and common areas clean throughout the busy workday.

Daytime janitorial services enable the largest businesses to maintain their professional appearance all day. With porter services, restrooms are monitored so there is never a lack of supplies like toilet paper and paper towels. Spills are immediately handled and the trash is emptied throughout the day. Keeping a multi-stall restroom clean is no small task but porters do it with ease, creating a facility that is as clean and stocked.

Lobbies and foyers are the first things people see when entering a building. To convey a positive initial impression, these areas must be kept clean. Daytime Porters remove trash and clean up dirt and other debris that accumulate as people travel through these locations. Porters also remove trash and debris from the outside of the building so the structure looks attractive from outdoors.

Large companies often have a kitchen and some office buildings even have a cafeteria. Introducing food into the equation adds lots of opportunities for spills, stains, and other incidents that affect the cleanliness of a business. Porters keep these dining areas clean so workers and visitors will not opt to eat elsewhere. This is important from both appearance and health standpoints.

Porters also maintain outdoor patios and indoor common areas such as hallways. On sunny days, workers and visitors often spend their down time outside so patios and other outdoor seating areas should be kept clean. People move through hallways on their way to offices and conference rooms, making these common areas magnets for dirt and trash. A porter assigned to these locations keeps access ways clear of debris so traffic can flow.

Whenever a company finds that regular nightly cleaning is not sufficient, it should explore using a porter service. This arrangement is especially attractive for facilities with 24-hour operation. Whenever a client ask us for the definition of a Day Porter we always answer with the question, “What would you like them to do?” Some of our most successful Day Porters are the one who have earned the trust of our clients well beyond the normal cleaning routine.

We have many Day Porters that have expanded on their traditional Day Porter role to create extra value for the clients we serve. Work with us to come up with an ideal Job Description so that your Porter knows what is expected of them. As always, when things are not going as expected, we are a phone call away, just call us to intervene or change your Porter. After all, the Porter is a contract employee and we are here to help you manage them. We have an excellent track record with our Porters!