About Us

Northeast Commercial Cleaning Corporation is a family owned and operated company. We are local and our employees are local. Since we don’t pay franchise fees, sales commissions, or have layers of management, we are very cost efficient. Our business model brings an old-fashioned work ethic into the 21st century and goes back to the basics. We give you a valued service and complete our work as promised for a competitive price.

We also understand that relationships are everything in this business, and we take that seriously. When you give us the keys to your building, we own that responsibility. That’s why we have the same staff in your building every night, so you get to know them and trust them.

Our carefully screened crews are also dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We invest in our staff to ensure workers are provided with expert training, the best tools of the trade, a quality wage, and a safe working environment. Our employee turnover is remarkably low and we can also boast a 100% safety record.

We know customers appreciate a quality job at a valued price. We don’t just promise the same level of excellence every time. We deliver. This is who we are and how we operate.